Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The road sometimes travelled . . .

Travel should be for everyone. Not just the wealthy. Not just the young. Not the most brave. Everyone.

Travel writing often reads like a Pitchfork review, with snide comments about popular destinations, nay, anywhere anyone else has heard of coupled with suggestions about "real travel" and cliche quotes about the journey being more important than the destination. Some of these generic, oft-cited statements have an element of truth to them. Of course you get to know a country better by living there for three months rather than a one week visit over the holidays and, yes, the fifteen hour bus ride and eight room dormitory are cheaper than their mid range alternatives, but the constant suggestions that their preferred way of travelling is superior is tiresome and really goes against the real spirit of travel.

Whether it's your first trip without your parents for spring break, an epic 3,000 mile retracing of Stanley's ventures through the heart of Africa or a two week break to experience a new culture, there is merit in every trip.1 This site's aim is simply to help you travel a little bit smarter and a bit more informed, no matter where you go and for how long.

A selection of areas we hope to shed some light on:

- Setting a reasonable expectation of costs in your chosen destination
- Signing up for, earning and then spending reward points efficiently
- Building a flight itinerary to balance your time and money
- Finding the right accommodation for you at the right price
1. The only exception here is when a trip is damaging to the local environment or culture. Other sites speak to these issues better than I could, suffice to say we should all consider where the money is going when we spend it and what impact it is having. G Adventures founder Bruce Poon Tip describes travel as having the ability to serve as one of the great re-distributors of wealth around the globe and that can only happen if at least some of the dollars you spend on vacation stay in the local community.